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Life Insurance Information

Buying life insurance isn't like any other purchase you will make. When you pay your premiums, you are buying the future financial security of your loved ones that only life insurance can provide.

A life insurance policy is often used to replace income that would be lost with your death as a wage earner. Your beneficiaries receive a lump sum, usually tax free, so that they are immediately relieved of financial worry. Insurance benefits can be used to pay final expenses, pay off debt, or even cover significant costs such as your children's education.

Life insurance is also an important part of estate planning to preserve assets and reduce tax liability so that your family's financial future is assured.


Types of Life Insurance

The main types of life insurance available are term and permanent.

Term Insurance

Term insurance provides affordable protection for a set period of time. Families on a budget during times of greater financial need, such as when children are young, may find term insurance their best solution. Our firm can offer clients low prices with an A/A+ rated carrier.

Permanent Insurance

A permanent life insurance policy provides lifelong protection and has a cash value. Permanent life insurance may be your best choice for long-term financial and estate planning. There are many options available to meet individual client needs, so expert advice is crucial.


How We Can Help

While we can assist you with all of your life insurance needs, we specialize in life insurance for final expenses and for capital transfer of assets.

For clients with large estates, we have plans to minimize estate tax on transfer of assets to the next generation.

Life insurance can be the bridge to financial security when your loved ones need it most. Talk with us about how this essential step can best protect your family's future and preserve the assets needed to build it.


Life Insurance



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