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Estate Plans Information

The value of your estate may be at risk if you have significant cash invested in financial markets such as bonds, mutual funds and stocks. As market performance fluctuates, so does your portfolio value and over time you could lose money.

You can protect and even grow your estate's cash assets through the use of life insurance and annuities.

Preserve Your Estate with Annuities

One way you can eliminate risk to your hard-earned assets is by moving money from unpredictable markets into fixed annuities where principal value and interest rate are guaranteed.

We can guide you on strategies to fuel more aggressive asset growth. For example, we can buy an annuity you never intend to spend – thus preserving your estate cash assets. Bonuses accumulate and the gain can be moved after seven years with no penalty. You may then choose to roll a portion into the best annuity possible with the goal of doubling bonus money.

Protect Your Estate with Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect your assets – and your loved ones - by leaving an immediately available lump sum to your beneficiaries. It can also replace assets needed to pay expenses such as taxes and estate settlement costs. You can even make sure that your family is relieved of financial burdens such as college tuition or mortgages.

Our financial team can provide the expertise to help you plan wisely and achieve peace of mind about the future.

Estate Plans


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